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Microsoft Donates $300,000 to South Central’s MISLA- Made In South LA


Subject: MISLA (Made In South LA) Chosen as One of 50 Organizations to Participate in Microsoft Program to Accelerate Job Training and Digital Skills in the Black and African American Community


Los Angeles, CA – In December of 2020, MISLA (Made In South LA) was named among the recipients to benefit from a $15 million investment over three years for Black and African American-led nonprofits that are working to increase skill development and economic opportunities.

MISLA was one of 50 selected grantees to receive a multi-year unrestricted cash grant, plus leadership development opportunities from industry experts to strengthen MISLA’s networks and support the professional development of MISLA leaders. Additionally, MISLA will receive technology enablement support from Microsoft, which will provide software and digital consulting services, to support MISLA’s digital transformation for improved technological capacity.

Cassie Betts, Founder and CEO of MISLA says, “It’s so surreal to see that money hit the bank account. We started MISLA in the janitor’s closet of a charter school located in an area of South Central dubbed Murderer’s Row. I’m so thankful for how far we’ve come. While grateful for the donated space and technology we have received thus far, this unrestricted funding is going to allow us to invest in human capital and allow the team to focus on the mission and continue to serve the community of South Central LA without distractions of those pesky little past due notices.”

“Last June, our CEO Satya Nadella committed Microsoft to put its data, technology, and partnerships to work to help improve the lives of Black and African American people across the country,” said Kate Behncken, Vice President and Lead of Microsoft Philanthropies. “We’re proud to partner with these fifty organizations, led by and serving Black and African American people, that are providing access to the digital skills needed for so many jobs today. We’re inspired by their work, and excited we can be a part of it.”

The grant will help to support MISLA’s partnership with MARTY and provide support to the youth as they transition from training to real-life work projects and clients.

MISLA is an anchor for youth in the epicenter of a historically disinvested community with a lack of quality jobs and educational opportunities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. MISLA is dedicated to being a change agent by providing life-altering experiential training programs to the nation's future leaders. Innovative projects like the South LA Best Buy Teen Tech Center, cooperative work, and support from companies like Microsoft, Best Buy Social Impact, the Annenberg Foundation, and PledgeLA is the way forward.


We are a band of rogue creatives and developers headquartered in South Central Los Angeles. We train historically underserved youth in the local communities and disinvested communities around the world in web design, multimedia, and digital marketing.

We have partnered with Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corp. (VSEDC) in order to support the increase in economic development for the South LA community.

For more information, please visit MISLA or connect with MISLA on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Credit: Microsoft.